Private Labeling

UHI Cosmetics offers a full turnkey service through our private labeling program, which will help you turn the key and launch your brand in record time.

We start by analyzing the market you intend to approach and come up with the right story and product line for your brand. We then provide you with an array of primary and secondary packaging to choose from, guiding you in helping you produce quality and cost effective products from the ground up.

We also provide sourcing services to find components and packaging based on custom molds per request. Our in-house team of designers and developers will work with you to create the branding, artwork, and labeling of all your products.

We will present you with our line of formulas to choose from, which can all be customized to your brand and story. We also assist in developing any new formulas you are interested in offering, as well as analytics on current and future market trends for your target audience.

Our team is hands-on every step of the way with your success always a priority.